Our ongoing support for your business during COVID-19

Matching talent to jobs is now more important than ever – whether you are hiring external candidates or re-purposing existing employees.

The current state of affairs has disrupted the way we do things. We feel that with Bryq we can provide you a helping hand in handling urgent needs fast, accurately, effectively and remotely.  

Save valuable time with accurate role matching data and insights in:

  • Hiring if you need to hire urgently and require to conduct remote interviews
  • Re-positioning Personnelif you need to quickly assess your existing talent 

Here’s what we can do: 

Free consulting for all customers, helping you adjust your current process
– both hiring and internal mobility – in less than 3 working days

Free access to Bryq for teams hiring front-line responders (such as call-center agents for your COVID hotline, etc.) for COVID-19 Response Efforts, for the duration of the crisis

Do you need help but are not sure exactly how things would work?
Pick a slot from our calendar and we will address your specific challenges.

Need help but are not covered by what we offer here?
Maybe you have a budget freeze but need help now?
Connect with us, we are always ready to help!