Frequently Asked Questions

You can find here answers to many commonly asked questions about Bryq


What is Bryq?

Bryq is a scientific based hiring pre-assessment tool that measures cognitive ability, psychometric traits and leadership potential in order to help both recruiters and candidates find the right fit. The candidate ranking simplifies the initial selection while the detailed assessment report can serve as a guide towards a more focused interview process.

What is the science behind the Bryq assessment?

The Bryq assessment is based on time-tested and proven organizational psychology- it combines Cattell’s 16 Personality Factor theory with the Holland Codes and the Five Factor Model. Based on these theories and in collaboration with experienced organizational psychologists, more than 700 job titles have been matched to the ideal psychometric profile for each job. Find more about the scientific background here.

Are you compliant with GDPR regulations?

Yes, Bryq is GDPR compliant by design.

Is Bryq integrated with any ATS platforms?

Yes, Bryq integrates with many current ATS platforms. Please check our features page for more details.

Can I try Bryq for free?

Yes. We offer a 14 day trial period, free of charge, so you can test the solution – no credit card required.

Account setup and administration

How do I create an account?

Click on Free Trial on the top menu bar of the Bryq home page, fill in your credentials and you will receive an e-mail with the next steps required to set up your account.

How do I log in to my Bryq account?

Once you have setup an account you can log in by visiting the site.

How many people can I add to my Bryq company account?

You can invite as many as you want.  You can assign team members either as administrators or users. Administrators have access to all assessments; users only have access to assessments where they are included in the team.

How long does the candidate have to complete the assessment upon invitation?

The candidate has by default 7 days to complete the assessment upon receipt of the invitation – you can customize this period for each assessment.
After the period elapses, you can resend the assessment to the candidate.

How do I know when a candidate has completed the test?

An e-mail will be sent upon completion of the test by a candidate. You can also see which candidates have completed the assessment when you are looking at the related Job assessment.