Are you getting the most our of the talent you already have? And what are you doing to keep it?


You spend so much money and effort trying to attract new talent – while overlooking your greatest source of talent, the employees you already have.

Bryq provides you with objective data about your current talent pool and how you can make the best use of it. Stop making career decisions based on subjective data only – optimize the use of the talent you already have.

20 minutes

That’s how long it will take your employees to complete the assessment online.

1 day

for our customer success team to provide you with a customize job profile, based on your job description (or you can always do it yourself)

3 mouse clicks

for you to locate the best-matching candidates for any role, from your existing employees

Optimize your talent deployment and use

For every employee, Bryq can show you the more suitable roles, so that you can match each employee with their ideal role.

Conversely, when you are looking to fill a new, demanding, role, match all your existing employees at the click of a button and find the best matching employees within a second.

Internal Mobility processes that would require months of work are now literally a mouse-click away.

Find the leaders within your ranks

How many times do Individual Contributors get promoted simply based on their performance – only to burn-out as mediocre managers?

Assess managerial skills based on personality traits at the click of a button; find people who have the potential to lead their teams and your organization to the next level.

Why do you need to improve Internal Mobility?

Internal mobility has several benefits for you company:

  • Save time and money

    in recruiting and training new hires

  • Increase employee engagement, reduce unwanted churn
    by providing a great career path to your employees
  • Attract top talent
    employees are looking for a long-term career, not a short-term role