5 Good Work Ethic Examples

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Good work ethic examples:

Employees with a strong work ethic are highly productive, produce high-quality work and are hardworking. Work ethic is a set of behaviors that show you that an employee is dedicated and productive. Managers play an important role in noticing and giving opportunities to employees to learn and grow. In this article, we are going to cover some examples of values and attributes that are indicators of a good work ethic. Here are our top 5 good work ethic examples. 

  1. Time Management

Having great time management is a key aspect to good work ethic. Those who manage their time well often find that they are more productive and get more accomplished in a day. Employees that stay focused can achieve a lot more and complete more goals.

Getting to work on time is also a way that employees show a good work ethic. It signals commitment and a good attitude.

There may be periods of time in the day that an employee is not using productively. That is acceptable as small breaks are important and help productivity. There are however cases when an employee is constantly distracted for example constantly checking their mobile and being on social media during work hours. This can be a sign of poor time management.

  1. Initiative

Employees that are showing initiative and ask for more work are very often motivated and committed to their job. This is especially important for employees that work from home, as it is easy for someone to let their work ethic down and slack off. You should be aware of employees that show integrity and do good work even when no one is watching.

  1. Critical Thinking

You may be surprised to learn that critical thinking is also linked to having a strong work ethic. Managers need to have employees whose opinions they know they can rely on. You can spot critical thinking in employees that stay up to date with company updates, gather information from various sources and are willing to change their mind if they discover that they are wrong.

  1. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Employees that get outside their comfort zone always demonstrate a wonderful work ethic. Employees that think out of the box always improve their work. This applies also to employees that are willing to volunteer and to take on new projects, learn new skills, and show that they are passionate about their career development. Employees that embrace change should be recognized.

  1. Values

Deciding what your values are can be a major contributor to having a good work ethic. As a manager, it’s your duty to communicate your work values to your team. In order to spot employees with great work values, you should assign to each of your personal values a work skill. For example, teamwork can be linked to communication and working well with others. Then try to find employees that have more than one of these work skills at work and you will be able to distinguish a good work ethic.

Try brainstorming some ideas of great employee values. For example, the values of many successful people may include integrity, communication, and honesty. You could always start by looking at your company’s values for clues.

The importance of having a great work ethic relies on how an employee is perceived and how much they are achieving. By having in mind these 5 good work ethic examples, you can spot employees with a great work ethic at your workplace. 

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