International Recruitment: 8 Key Benefits for remote hiring

Jul 1, 2020 | HR Resources, Recruiting | 0 comments

International recruitment is a fantastic way to widen your talent pool. It can also provide more qualified candidates for your open positions. We explore how international recruitment differs from remote hiring. Also, find out 8 key benefits of international recruitment.

International Recruitment vs Hiring Remotely

Many people group international recruitment into the same category as hiring remotely. However, they are two very different hiring methods.

International recruitment usually involves hiring someone from overseas to work at your company. In most cases, you will need to arrange a visa for them to come and work and live in your country. There is potential that overseas hires may be remote workers, but most often they come and join your office in person.

On the other hand, remote hires may live anywhere in the world while still working for you. They may be working for your business from far across the world in Australia, or just a few hour’s drive away in America.

International recruitment is not always an easy process as there may be some visa red tape to deal with. There are also many things you need to consider to ensure that your new hire stays. For example, their family situation and moving costs.

Benefits of International Recruitment

International recruitment is fantastic for many companies looking for new employees. There are numerous reasons why international recruitment can be helpful for your organization; read 8 of these below.

Widen Your Talent Pool

The key benefit of international recruitment is that it can widen your talent pool. Sometimes the talent pool where you are can become limited and you’re not getting the quality of candidates you’d like. That’s where finding candidates from other countries can help. With a whole world of options, you’re sure to find some fantastic candidates. You can hire from Asia, Europe, Africa, anywhere at all. Imagine how many talented people you’ll find!


Did you know that companies with higher than typical diversity have 19% higher revenues from innovation? People unlike yourself can bring different perspectives, opinions, and ideas to your organization. This can foster more innovation and creativity.

Diversity is not about making your company look good but creating real change and including diverse voices. International recruitment is a fantastic way of boosting diversity in your organization. If you do this, you just may find that you are more profitable than you were before.

Market Insight

Without ever having lived in the market you’re trying to break into, how would you know about the needs of the customers who live there?

By hiring someone coming to you from a foreign market, you can garner valuable insights into that market. Perhaps you have been considering providing your products or services to the African market. Hiring someone from Africa could offer you the insight you need and provide a unique perspective on the customer base and needs.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is crucial to the success of your brand in any market. When you decide to recruit internationally, you may advertise roles on international job boards. This can improve your international brand recognition. Although you may only serve one market at the moment, that doesn’t mean that you won’t want to tap into foreign markets later on. People may start seeing your brand around on job boards and job ads which can be a great start to brand recognition overseas.

Improve Employer Brand

By becoming known as an employer who hires the best of the best no matter where they are from, you can improve your brand as an employer. Many people will start to see your organization as a place where it is highly competitive to get a job. That’s because you hire the very best people from all over the world. A 2017 study found that 40% of Millennials felt that market reputation is the biggest influence on their perception of you as an employer.

Inclusive Workplace Culture

Building a diverse and inclusive culture is fantastic for employee engagement. That’s because your staff are in a place where they feel accepted and valued. It can even increase your retention rate. By increasing diversity, along with other measures, you can work towards creating a more diverse and inclusive culture. International recruitment is a fantastic way to start the ball rolling on this.

Multiple Languages

Many international candidates will speak 1 or more languages, in addition to English. There are numerous advantages to having multiple languages spoken within your organization. One is that it bilingual people are found to be better at processing information and switching between tasks easily.

Another is that suddenly, you have someone who can speak to clients or customers in their own language! This is fantastic for relationship building and your reputation.

Increased Profitability

If you want your company to be more profitable, international recruitment is the way to do it. A report into organizational diversity found that more diversity is better for your profits. This research looked at companies in the upper quartile for ethnic and racial diversity. It found that these companies were 35% more likely to earn more than the median for their industry.

International recruitment could be a fantastic choice for widening your talent pool. It could also bring different perspectives to your company. That’s fantastic for your profits, staff engagement, and workplace culture. With all of these benefits to gain, what have you got to lose?

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