How to Write A Great Interview Confirmation Email

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Writing an interview confirmation email can be harder than you would think. You have to be thorough because you don’t want the candidate to have to come back to you for more information. That’s where templates can be helpful, so you don’t miss anything out.

What Is an Interview Confirmation Email?

Usually, when you are hiring for a position, you or an administrator will call candidates to invite them to interview for the job. While you may have discussed the time and date, best practice is to follow up this interview invitation with an interview confirmation email.

Sending an interview confirmation email is best because you have it in writing between you and the job candidate when and where it is. This avoids confusion and ensures that the applicant knows where to come for the interview.

What Does A Great Interview Confirmation Email Contain?

The ideal list of items that a fantastic interview confirmation email should contain are:

1) The company name and job title of the position they are interviewing for

2) Date and time of the interview

3) The estimated duration of the interview

4) Location of the interview including how to enter the building as a visitor and where to park

5) How to get to the interview room or meeting place (remember that they are unfamiliar with your building)

6) What the candidate should bring (their resume or portfolio, for example)

7) Interview format (aptitude testing, group interview, etc.)

8) Name and positions of the interview panel (this allows the candidate to look them up beforehand)

9) Job description (not all people do this, but I find it helps the candidate arrive more informed)

10) Phone number of the recruiter in case of emergency or any changes

Interview Confirmation Email Tips

Include as much information as possible.

That’s why we recommend attaching the job description, example. Not all recruiters do this, but we find that it prevents the interviewee from coming back to you to ask for it. Including everything in the first place will save you time later on.

Be Specific

There is nothing worse than having someone show up who is unprepared for their interview. By being specific about what type of interview it is and what they need to bring, you give the interviewee the best chance to be prepared. Otherwise, it wastes the panel’s time, and yours.

When to Send It

The best practice is to send the email soon after the phone call where you discussed the appointment, usually within 1 day. Then most people will send a follow up if the call was more than a week before the interview. The follow up is just a reminder that you could send 1-2 days before the interview.

Examples of Interview Confirmation Emails

Here are some examples of interview confirmation emails that you could use as an email template to write your own.

Example 1

Subject line: Advanced Analytics interview for Data Analyst Position

Dear Sally,

I am emailing following our conversation about your upcoming interview at Advanced Analytics. The interview for the Data Analyst position will take place at 1 pm on Friday 3 July. This will take up to 1 hour and it is a panel interview. The panel includes Sarah Hershey – Director of Finance, Alan Munn – Associate Analyst, and Barbara Nolan – Principal Analyst.

Please come to the main office at 312 High Street and tell the receptionist you have arrived. There is parking around the back and a bus stop just across the road. Please bring along a copy of your CV.

I have attached the job description for you to familiarize yourself with. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions about the interview.

Kind Regards,

Georgia Brunn

Recruitment Supervisor

Example 2

Subject line: Interview for Data Analyst Position on 3 July at 1 pm

Hi Sally,

Thank you for your time on the phone earlier to discuss your interview for the Data Analyst position. This email is to confirm the date and time of your upcoming interview. It will take place at 1 pm on Friday 3 July at 312 High Street. This will take approximately 1 hour. The panel looks forward to discussing your skills with you. Please find the details of your interview below:

When: Friday 3 July at 1 pm

Where: Advanced Analytics, 312 High Street

Interview Panel:

– Sarah Hershey – Director of Finance

– Alan Munn – Associate Analyst

– Barbara Nolan – Principal Analyst.

Logistics: If you are driving, you will find parking around the back of the building. If you take public transport, there is a bus stop across the street. When you arrive, please come to the main office and let the receptionist know you are here.

I have attached the job description for your information. If you have any questions regarding your interview, please feel to contact me on 657 – 9264 – 7140.

Kind Regards,

Georgia Brunn

Recruitment Supervisor

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