How to Write a Great Interview Follow Up: 3 Examples and Tips

Jun 17, 2020 | assessment, HR Resources | 0 comments

Sometimes after interviewing a candidate, you will need to write an interview follow up. Whether it’s to update a candidate on where the process is at, or because they haven’t replied, you need to put some thought into the email. Let us take you through what to consider as the hiring manager or HR representative for the role.

What Is an Interview Follow Up?

Many times, you will need to follow up with candidates with a note after an interview. This might be to let them know where the process is at. Or it could be to let them know if they have reached the next stage of the process, or if you need to find out additional information from them.

Either way, you need to maintain a professional tone and communicate well. This will help with the interviewees’ perception of your brand as an employer.

Interview Follow Up Tips

You should always thank the interviewee for their time as this is respectful and courteous. Whether it was an in-person interview or over the phone, you should still do this. However, there is more that you can do to write an interview follow up email that is engaging. Here are our top tips for interview follow ups:

Make It Personal

Add in comments related to what you discussed as this makes it personal. For example, you could refer to something they mentioned, such as ‘I enjoyed hearing about the skills that you could bring to our team’. Remember that this is a potential employee. You can start the relationship-building process with job seekers before they even land the role.

Add Information

If you forgot to ask about a relevant skill or experience during their job interview, now is the time. An interview follow-up email is an ideal place to add this in. Don’t go away not knowing something about the candidate that you should have asked.

Select the Right Subject Line

Selecting a good subject line can make the difference to whether your email gets lost amongst the many they may receive or not. Make it specific and relevant. A good subject line for a post-interview email could be ‘Follow Up Regarding [Position] Role’.

Be Friendly

Remember that while you are selecting the candidate, they are also choosing you. They may be in a hiring process for more than one company. If it’s a good candidate, you don’t want them to go elsewhere for a job. You need to make a good impression on them just as much as they need to make one on you. This can pique their interest in the job.

Be Timely

If you say that you’re going to get back to a candidate in a certain timeframe, you should stick to that timeframe. Otherwise, you risk losing fantastic candidates through frustration or because they have taken another job after not hearing from you.

Decision-making processes can take more time than expected. In this case, you can simply write to tell them exactly that. It’s better to communicate this honestly than say nothing.

3 Interview Follow Up Examples

Here are 3 interview follow up examples that you can send to your interviewees. The first is for asking for more information, the second for if you’re offering a second interview, and the third is to follow up when someone hasn’t accepted your job offer yet.

👉 Example 1 – More Information

Subject line: Technology Ltd Coordinator Position Update

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for the time you took to come to the interview for the Coordinator position at Technology Ltd last week. It was wonderful to meet with you and find out more about the skills and experience you could bring to the role.

As we discussed, we must hire someone with experience in updating social media. I felt that we didn’t delve enough into your experience with that. So, could you please send me a description of your experience with updating social media in previous roles.

During the interview, I was impressed to hear about your previous experience working at Computers Ltd. I look forward to hearing from you concerning my above question. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you need any further information.

Kind Regards,

Rob Hooper


👉 Example 2 – Second Interview

Subject line: Second Interview for the Technology Ltd Coordinator position

Dear Andrew,

A massive thank you to you for taking the time to come in and interview last week. We enjoyed meeting you and hearing about your previous experience in similar roles.

We would like to know if you would like to come in for a second interview. The purpose of this interview to delve further into the skills you have relevant to the Coordinator role.

Would you be free for this Tuesday 11 August at 11.00 am? Please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Rob Hooper


👉 Example 3 – When You Have Offered the Job but Not Heard Back

Subject line: Application for the Technology Ltd Coordinator position

Hi Andrew,

I hope your week is going well so far. Thank you for coming in to interview for the Coordinator role at Technology Ltd.

We enjoyed meeting you and thought that you offer many valuable skills. That’s why we were pleased to offer you the role, as discussed on the phone last Friday. You indicated that you had some other applications pending and would let us know about your acceptance.

I am following up to find out if you are interested in accepting this position? If so, I will follow up with a contract for you to sign.

Please give me a call if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,

Rob Hooper


By writing an interview follow up, you can ensure that you stay in touch with those you’ve interviewed. Whether or not you offer them a job, you need to think about your reputation as an employer. A positive impression will go a long way even if they don’t get a job. You never know if they will be right for a future position!

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