Top 20 Interview Questions for Managers

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Human resources professionals may find themselves tasked with finding great interview questions for managers. What do you look for and which are the best ones?

Interviewing for management roles is different from other types of interviews. The focus of a manager is managing their team. Therefore, you might not be looking so much at skills as how they are with other people. Keep reading to find out more about what types of interview questions for managers you may want to use and what makes a good interview question.

What Types of Good Interview Questions for Managers Are There?

Management Interview Questions

First of all, it is vital to include some management interview questions. These types of questions are based on being a good fit as a manager. They may include questions about their management style and how they motivate a team. The intention is to uncover their ability to lead others and successfully manage a team.

Behavioral Interview Questions

During a manager interview, it’s a great idea to throw in some behavioral interview questions. Find out about how they have acted in the past to deal with team members with performance issues. This is the type of problem-solving they will have to do in your manager position, so it’s important to know how they handle it. You should also find out about times when they have exceeded expectations. Discover how they evaluate success in work environments – their own, and that of others.

Situational Interview Questions

Additionally, add some situational interview questions for managers in the mix. Give them a scenario to find out about their project management skills, ability to deal with stress, or anything else relevant. You want to know how they would react to certain situations with team members. In answering this question, they should be careful to respond to every part of your question. If they avoid answering fully, this may be a red flag.

What Do Good Interview Questions for Managers Consist Of?


You need to offer people a way to bring up their best skills, achievements, and talents in job interviews. That’s why open-ended questions are fantastic. You want to find out more about the person, not hear a yes or a no. Keep questions open-ended to let the interviewee take the answer where they wish to.


You need it to be as obvious as possible what you want to candidate to discuss. For example, asking ‘What was the best day of your life?’, when you really want to know about their greatest day at work likely won’t get a relevant response. You could make the same question clearer by asking ‘What was the best day of your working life?’.


Just because the interview questions for managers are open-ended doesn’t mean you can’t get specific. They will have landed an interview because you want to dig deeper into their experiences and abilities. If you want to know how they cope with unproductive employees, for example, ask a specific question about that. Otherwise, you may find that you find out irrelevant information.


Of course, the interview questions for managers must be relevant to the position on offer. You need to find out how they manage a team and that they can work to achieve company goals. They will also need to be able to share your organization’s vision with others. Keep this in mind when you’re writing the questions.


An important aspect of any interview is that you remain unbiased. You also need to keep your interview questions unbiased. It is, unfortunately, easy to lead a candidate in a certain direction with your wording. Inferring that you dislike something in the way you ask the question can lead them to want to agree with that dislike, even if they don’t. For example, if you asked, ‘Why didn’t you like your last job?’, you imply that they didn’t like their last job. A more neutral question would be ‘Why did you leave your last role?’.

Top 20 Interview Questions for Managers

1. What makes a great manager?

2. How do you keep on top of your workload?

3. What made you want to apply for this role?

4. What would you say was the highlight of your career so far?

5. What do you think your worst-performing staff member would say about you?

6. How would you describe your management style?

7. What is your greatest strength?

8. A fantastic employee’s productivity has started slipping. How would you deal with this?

9. How have you changed your management style over time?

10. What do you do when you make a mistake at work?

11. What do you think a manager’s most important focus is?

12. There is an employee who continually challenges your views. How do you deal with this?

13. Tell us about a time that you have had to stand up for what is right.

14. Tell us about a situation when you were asked to do something that was outside of your abilities. How did you react?

15. How do you motivate your team?

16. You have a staff member who asks you for a promotion. However, they are not qualified. What do you do?

17. What are your career path aspirations?

18. Tell me about a conflict you have faced in the workplace and how you handled it.

19. What do you think you will do differently in your next manager position?

20. Describe a time when you have demonstrated your leadership skills.

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