Bryq for candidates

Have you been invited to take the Bryq assessment?


If you are here, you have been invited to take the Bryq assessment. This means that your prospective employer has put an equitable process in place, where objective data are used to evaluate applications on job-related merit. By participating in this inclusive process, you are helping create a diverse work environment while ensuring that you have a better career outlook from the get-go.

Here are a few things that you should know about the assessment and how to take it:

Why take an assessment?

How do we screen and interview candidates without applying our own conscious or unconscious bias? The answer is by using a process that uses objective data to make screening, interviewing and hiring decisions. Note that using objective data does not mean that decisions are made by a computer; it means that objective data are used to methodically support candidate evaluation by recruiters and hiring managers.

 What makes you a good software developer, a good tester or a good accountant? It’s clearly not just your knowledge, but what is the best way to determine fit for a particular job?

Organization psychology is providing us with a set of proven frameworks that can support our decision making. It gives us tools to measure personality traits (such as the 16 Personality Factor models) and how these traits match specific job profiles (Holland codes and the Five Factor model).

Bryq’s assessment is a scientifically calibrated measurement of your basic cognitive skills (numerical, verbal, logical and attention to detail) and your personality traits. These are matched with the requirements of the specific role and the company and a matching score is provided for each requirement.

Bryq does not provide hire/no hire decisions, neither does it replace the human part of the process. 


How to take the Bryq assessment:

You have received an email invitation, like the one in this picture.Whenever you are ready, simply click on the “Get Started” link. If you get interrupted for any reason, you can always resume your test by revisiting the same link.

Most people need around 20 minutes for the standard version (around 45 minutes for the extended version) to complete the assessment. You might want to allocate some extra time, to adjust for your own pace. You will probably need pen, paper and a calculator to complete the numerical part of the test, so make sure you have these available.

During the assessment, Bryq will enable your camera at random intervals and capture small audio and video clips. These clips will be made available to your prospective employers and are used to showcase that you did in fact complete the test by yourself, without any assistance. If you deny Bryq access to your web camera, the assessment will still proceed, but potential employers will no longer be able to verify that you completed this alone and may ask you to complete further assessments in person.

The assessment itself is an ongoing chat over a messaging interface (similar to slack or skype), much like you would use in most companies today.

Different executives from a fictional entertainment company introduce themselves and ask you questions. Each executive specializes in one of the skill areas and there is a lot of context switching between cognitive areas and psychometric questions, much like in everyday life.

Cognitive question are fairly simple (secondary education level), but there is a time limit. If you do not answer within the time allotted, you simply advance to the next question. Don’t worry if you miss a few questions – most people will get about 50% of the questions right and less than 2% of the people will get over 90% right.

For the personality questions there is no time limit. Remember there are no right or wrong answers to personality questions. What is the right choice between “cooperative” or “assertive”? Depending on the company and the role, the answer will vary. It is important that you showcase your unique personality – a good match will mean a great career. 

After the assessment is completed, you will see a summary report of your results. Your results are immediately made available to your recruiter – no additional action is needed on your side.

The summary report shows your top two cognitive areas, and a description of your personality.

Unlike other assessments, there is no pass/fail for Bryq. The test results are presented to your potential employers, as well as how well you match the specific job description.

When asked to interview with a potential employer, you should keep in mind that your interviewers will have access to your profile and will ask more specific questions, based on your results. This will be helpful for both you and the interviewer to have a more productive discussion, so that you can both decide if this job is really a good fit for you. 

Candidate FAQ

Do I need to retake the assessment for every potential employer?

No, once you have taken the test once any subsequent request within the next 6 months will use the same test results. If another employer requests you to take an assessment, you will receive an email asking for your permission to share your previous results.

How long are the results valid for?

All the underlying assessments used in Bryq exhibit a good long-term stability. We consider assessment results valid for 6 months after each assessment. If another employer requests you to take an assessment, you will receive an email asking for your permission to share your previous results.

How long do you keep the results for?

All test results are kept in our database for 24 months.

Can I delete my account and remove all data?

Visit and login (or ask for a log-in link to be emailed to you). Once you login, click on the settings icon and click on the “delete all your personal data” link. Note that your data will be completely removed and employers will not have access to your profile. If you are invited to another Bryq assessment, you will have to retake the test.

Can I see my results again?

Of course. Simply login back to and your results will be presented.

To login, just visit Enter your email address and a log-in link will be emailed to you.

If you logged in using Google or Linked-In, click on that button again.

What are the standard and the extended versions of the assessment?

The two editions differ in the number of questions they include for the cognitive part of the assessment. The standard requires about 25 minutes to complete, the extended about 45 minutes.

Is the assessment always the same?

There are multiple variants for each question in the assessment. While the number of questions remains the same, the specific questions served will vary each time.

Am I penalized for incorrect or missed answers?

Incorrect or missed answers do not incur a penalty.

Can I skip / not answer a question?

We suggest that you fully use the time allotted to answer each question. If you cannot find the right answer within the time limit, you will automatically advance to the next question. You can’t explicitly skip a question, you will have to wait for the timer to expire.

Can I change my answer / revisit a question?

No, once you provide an answer you advance to the next question and there is no way to go back and change your choice.