Bias-free, high-volume recruiting 
through objective pre-hire assessment

Bias-free hiring is not only a legal requirement, but it creates more diverse teams that have been proven to create more profitable companies (according to BCG research).

Creating a bias-free hiring process no longer needs to be painful, slow or expensive. Using Bryq you can streamline your hiring process into an experience candidate, hiring managers and recruiters will love: faster, more cost effective, bias-free and achieving significantly better hiring results.

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Fight unconscious bias

Using objective, fact-based hiring techniques you can remove bias and increase diversity

Avoid legal risks

Reduce chances of EEOC and Title VII discrimination lawsuits

EEOC compliance

Helps you create a process that is compliant with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines, as well as with Title VII requirements

Bias-free hiring with Bryq in 4 easy steps:

 Don’t waste your time setting up blind recruiting or convoluted education campaigns that do not deliver. Follow the steps below to radically reduce bias in your hiring process today – fast, easy and cost effective.


1. Objectively define job requirements

What does it take to be a good software developer, product manager, customer support agent or accountant?

You no longer need to guess which assessment makes sense and what results you are looking for. Bryq comes with a database of job profiles for hundreds of roles – based on proven Organization Psychology theories and not simply on intuition.

But we know that one size doesn’t fit all – your company is unique because of its unique culture. So we allow you to easily modify the built in profiles to include the dimension that make you unique.

Not sure what it is that makes your company unique? You can now assess high-performing teams, determine their important characteristics and define job profiles customized to your needs.

2. Automatically screen candidates

Your team no longer has to manually screen hundreds of resumes for every role or try to read between the lines of resumes to determine which candidates would be a good fit for the role and your company.

Simply invite candidates to take Bryq’s scientifically backed, pre-hire assessment. The assessment is conducted completely on-line. Most candidates will need about 20′ to complete it. 

Only candidates who have completed the assessment will be considered for the next stage in the hiring process. 

3. Shortlist candidates based on fit

Bryq will rank candidates based on how well the performed in the objective assessment and how well they fir the requirements of the role – with absolutely no impact from their ethnicity, gender, name, education, age, personal interests or any other factor.

Now your hiring team can simply work their way down the list, looking at the most suitable candidates, until they have sourced enough candidates for the next stage of your process.

You should not always hire the candidate with the highest score! The score is provided as an indication, how well a candidate is suited for a specific position. Even though a candidate may score high, they may lack the appropriate skills, certifications or experience for the specific role.

4. Perform objective, standardized, behavioral interviews

Traditional, unstructured, interviews have been proven to be ineffective. But what is the alternative?

Bryq’s detailed reports help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate. So, with a quick glance at the candidate report, you can see which areas might be a potential problem and ask appropriate questions

Instead of asking random or standardized questions, you can use Bryq’s interviewing guide – and ask targeted behavioral questions about aspects of the candidate’s personality that matter.

Of course if you are looking for roles that require specific skills (e.g. programming skills in Java), your should always complement Bryq’s assessment with skill assessments for the specific skills that you require.

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