Hire talent, not resumes.


Talent is hard to find – and screening resumes is failing companies in their quest for the right hires.

Bryq objectively assesses candidates, so that you can use the data to confidently match candidates to job and company requirements – so that you hire the right candidate, without bias, every time.

Use Bryq today for blind candidate screening if you are looking to boost Diversity & Inclusion.

completion rate

Our engaging candidate experience helps us have high completion rates.

Reduced churn

Better candidate selection leads to better careers, and this effectively reduces employee turnover

time to hire

Candidate selection that used to take two months can now be completed in under one month.

Transform your recruiting process

Bryq gives you complete control over your recruiting process in 4 easy steps:

1. Define the job role
2. Assess candidates in only 20′
3. Shortlist based on data
4. Interview with structure

Take the guesswork out of your hiring process and find the talent you need today – easily, objectively and effectively.

Hire leaders, not managers

We’ve transformed years of Industrial-Organization psychology into one simple indicator for you: Leadership potential. This will tell the propensity of a candidate to become a great leader, not just a manager.

Foster internal mobility in your workforce

Give internal candidates the same unbiased treatment and allow them to pursue new careers within your organization that play to their strengths – regardless of their previous role. Read More.

Based on solid scientific background

Many pre-hire assessment tools have emerged as technological innovations, rather than from scientifically derived research.

We based our solution on proven I/O psychology frameworks – scientifically validated and EEOC compliant – and we measure:

  • 4 Cognitive skills
    Numerical, Verbal, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail
  • 16 Personality traits

Our approach is proven bias-free, helping shield you from bias complaints.

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Integrates with your favorite ATS software

Bryq can integrate with many popular ATS or recruitment systems, allowing you to further streamline your hiring process. We also provide custom integration solutions.

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You’re in good company

“Since using Bryq every hiring choice has been the right one”

“That may sound like I am exaggerating, but each person who has gone through our rigorous hiring process and has passed has gone on to become an incredibly valuable asset to my (100%) remote team. […]
We love using Bryq!”

– Cristina Garza | Founder | Accountingprose