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Validated psychometric and cognitive skills assessments that ensure only the most well-suited people are chosen for the job.

The assessment itself is conducted in a simulated workplace environment, using a messenger-like interface. This engages candidates and shows how they will perform in various on-the-job activities.


Figuring out the correct profile for each position is crucial in finding the right candidates. This is why Bryq comes with a database of more than 700 job titles – allowing you to quickly find the right profile.

Customization capabilities allow HR managers to create custom job profiles and adjust the skills and traits that matter to them the most.



While Bryq provides you with easy-to-understand match scores for cognitive abilities and personality, it also breaks down the assessment results in easy chunks, so that you can understand them and act on them.

On the cognitive side, the score for each area (numerical, verbal, logical and attention to details) is provided, along with the average score of the specific candidate pool.

On the personality side, the overall score is broken down in 4 major areas – Teamwork, Work style, Social skills and Personality. A match score is provided for each area, but it is easy to drill down and see which are the specific candidate traits, so that you can perform targeted interviews around the candidate’s personality.



Online tests, while convenient, are susceptible to cheating. We wish that this would be an isolated phenomenon, but the existence of a whole industry dedicated to writing tests on one’s behalf is evidence to the contrary.

To increase the employer’s confidence in the test results, Bryq will request (but not require) access to the candidate’s webcam during the assessment. If granted, Bryq will capture short video clip at irregular intervals. These clips are then made available to the employer for review, so that the employer can verify that the person taking the tests is the candidate being interviewed. 



Adding the Bryq assessment should cause no changes in your existing workflow. This is why we integrate with various Applicant Tracking Systems, so that you can assess them right out of your current system. 

And for our enterprise customers, we provide custom integrations with their existing in-house systems.

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