Pre-employment assessment for
better, faster hiring

Bryq’s pre-hire assessment measures both cognitive and psychometric skills with one assessment. Screen candidates for their true skills and personality, not their resume-writing skills. Reduce the time required to select and interview candidates.

Your candidates are ranked on how well they fit your requirements, helping you find the most promising candidates in terms of skills, personality and company fit. You no longer need to review hundreds of resumes – just the ones from the top scoring candidates.

higher performance

Candidates selected through our process perform on average 4 times better, compared to simple resume review

2 hours
to get you started

Once your account is setup, you can be up and running in less than two hours

the time required to hire

Candidate selection that used to take two months can now be completed in under one month.

Make hiring easy, effective and fast in 4 steps

1. Define the job role

Defining the role is crucial in finding the right hire. Bryq comes with a built-in database of profiles for hundreds of common roles – making it easy for you to find the right profile.
Modifying the built-in profile or creating a new one from scratch is both easy and powerful. Looking for a Sales person? Modify the profile to ensure that assertiveness is one of his or her traits. Looking for a new accountant? Make numerical the most important cognitive skill and ensure that you have a perfectionist and a rule follower.

2. Assess candidates

The assessment is conducted completely on-line. Most candidates will need about 20′ to complete it – our Frequently Asked Questions for candidates provides guidance for our assessment takers. 

The candidates receive the invitation via email and have by default 7 days to complete the assessment – with reminder invitations sent after 4 and 6 days. They can use their computer, laptop or tablet (we don’t recommend using phones).

Candidates are asked to provide access to their webcam (optionally) as a form of online proctoring – to avoid cheating and to ensure that the person taking the test is in fact the candidate and hasn’t been aided by someone else.

At the end of the assessment candidates will receive a summary of their results.

As soon as the assessment is completed, you will see their results in your Bryq dashboard and in your ATS (if you are integrated with one).

3. Choose based on fit

The candidate’s fit score is the average of 3 sub-scores:

1. Cognitive score
Calculated by multiplying the score in each cognitive area by the weight of said area (as defined in step 1).
2. Personality fit
Distance of the candidate’s results to the optimum traits, as specified in the job profile. Remember that not all traits are important for all job roles – Bryq’s integrated job profiles help you with that by providing predefined profiles for most common roles.
3. Leadership potential
Distance of the candidate’s results to the optimum leadership traits. This is only calculated for roles designated as managerial roles.

You should not always hire the candidate with the highest score! The score is provided as an indication, how well a candidate is suited for a specific position. 

The ranking helps you to start the next step in the hiring process (usually a phone interview) from the top of the list, with the most promising candidates, and keep working your way down the list until you have enough candidates for your next step.

4. Conduct meaningful interviews

There is ample evidence that in-person interviews don’t work and are not a good predictor of on-the-job performance. But what is the alternative?

Bryq’s detailed reports help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate. So, with a quick glance at the candidate report, you can see which areas might be a potential problem and ask appropriate questions

For example, you have a candidate with a relatively weak numerical score in a position where that is important. Devise a few questions or calculation-heavy case studies for him to complete. Or you have a candidate who seems like a good fit overall, but he is a perfectionist and your company’s culture is to ship as soon as something is “good enough”. Ask him a question like “Tell me about a situation where you were under time pressure to complete a project. How do you determine when the project has met the quality bar?”

Combining the candidate profile with the interview can help you have a complete and accurate picture of the candidate’s abilities and personality, and how these fit into your organization. 

Of course if you are looking for roles that require specific skills (e.g. programming skills), your should always complement Bryq’s assessment with skill assessments for the specific skills that you require.

Start using Bryq today

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