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We work for a better HR

We know that recruiting can be a complex and tedious procedure. Having to go through numerous resumes can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. How can you be sure you selected objectively? Just because someone looks good on paper and sounds good in an interview, does not necessarily mean they will perform well or fit in a company’s culture. Right? A hiring mismatch is not only a problem for the hiring company but also for the candidate as it can lead to job dissatisfaction.

Having faced this exact problem ourselves, we were inspired to create an innovative tool based on science that would simplify the process but also be easy and fun to use.

Bryq offers a scientifically based assessment that combines the measurement of cognitive skills and personality traits. From an employer’s perspective, the results can help match the best candidates to the right job, as well as uncover potential superstars that may otherwise get overlooked in the hectic hiring process. Candidates can identify their ideal career-path, increasing their chances of long-term job satisfaction.

This fast and exciting platform is the future of employment selection. Cost effective and time-saving, Bryq offers valuable insights both to the candidate, as well as the employer, providing an overall meaningful and pleasant recruitment experience.

Our goal is to facilitate your overall hiring process and enable you in finding the right fit.

Meet our team

Markellos Diorinos

Markellos Diorinos

CEO & co-founder

With a strong background in technology and marketing, Markellos is an entrepreneur passionate for delivering results and making teams great in his role as CEO of Bryq.

Previously, Markellos spent 10 years at Upstream, a global leader in mobile marketing, in various roles, among others running the operations in Latin America and establish new product lines.

Prior to Upstream, Markellos has spent time at Microsoft (as Product Manager for Internet Explorer) and founded ArtLogic, a software house. Markellos holds a BS and MSc in Computer Science from Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and an MBA from University of Washington.

Hassan Chahrour

Hassan Chahrour

CTO & co-founder

An entrepreneurial technologist with a strong engineering and management background, leading cross-discipline engineering teams in high pressure, fast paced startup environments for the past 10+ years.

Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer for Lulu, where he led development and technology for 4 years until its acquisition by Badoo. Prior to that he was lead engineer for multiple startups.

Lead engineering of Persado’s Special Projects team that aimed to explore, research and develop new ways in which Persado’s cognitive technology can be used.

Vast experience in consumer facing and mobile applications, social networks, e-commerce, distributed systems, and APIs

Lydia Morazzani

Lydia Morazzani


An innovation enthusiast with a mixed background in marketing, research and finance.

After graduating from Brown University, she began her career in the financial services sector working for Moody’s Investors Service in New York and London and later as a Research Analyst at McKinsey in Athens.

After completing her MBA she switched her focus to marketing and for 8 years held various positions at Microsoft from Product Manager and Programs Manager responsible for the regional promotion of online and offline technical content, to Operations Manager of Microsoft’s Innovation Center. Through her roles at the Innovation Center and Endeavor she has actively supported the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Greece helping startups and SMEs reach their goals.

Meet our company

Idalto Ltd. is a company incorporated in the European Union – so we are subject to the data privacy rules and regulations of the European Union (including GDPR).

We are remote-first team – our team is currently split between the US, the UK, Greece and Cyprus.

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