Who are we? 


We know that recruiting can be a complex and tedious procedure. Having to go through numerous resumes can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. How can you be sure you selected objectively? Just because someone looks good on paper and sounds good in an interview, does not necessarily mean they will perform well or fit in a company’s culture. Right? A hiring mismatch is not only a problem for the hiring company but also for the candidate as it can lead to job dissatisfaction.

Having faced this exact problem ourselves, we were inspired to create an innovative tool based on science that would simplify the process but also be easy and fun to use.

Bryq offers a scientifically based assessment that combines the measurement of cognitive skills and personality traits. From an employer’s perspective, the results can help match the best candidates to the right job, as well as uncover potential superstars that may otherwise get overlooked in the hectic hiring process. Candidates can identify their ideal career-path, increasing their chances of long-term job satisfaction.

This fast and exciting platform is the future of employment selection. Cost effective and time-saving, Bryq offers valuable insights both to the candidate, as well as the employer, providing an overall meaningful and pleasant recruitment experience.

Our goal is to facilitate your overall hiring process and enable you in finding the right fit.